Introduced on March 1, 1969, Korean Airlines is South Korea’s public and largest banner transporter. Known for its spectacular armada size, sensational customer support, and excellent in-flight facilities, this air transporter serves more than 126 objections in 44 countries with its global passenger division and ancillary freight operations and its domestic passenger division in 13 Works in urban areas. With its central command in Seoul, Korean Airlines is counted among the best 20 aircraft in the world, as far as passengers reported. For the convenience of passengers, it has a codeshare agreement with a part of the highest level aircraft. Thus, assuming that you are looking for a carrier that can offer a simple flight booking option with restrictive limits, then, at that point, make your Korean Airlines reservation now and conveniently travel to your preferred purpose. fly by.

Instructions for Booking a Korean Airlines Reservation for Your Next Trip

With innovation and dynamic methodology, Voyaging is not what it used to be. These days, booking flight tickets have become completely hassle-free and there is no compelling reason to venture outside your familiar range for an equivalent. Gone are the times when buying air tickets took a lot of time and effort because now is the perfect occasion when everything should be possible with just a couple of snaps. There are several ways to book flight tickets with Korean Airlines and their definitive illustration for the well-being of the passengers of the accommodation is referenced here.

Booking through the official website of Korean Air

The carrier’s true site is not only the least sought-after but also the secure way to book flight tickets. Passengers will have to follow the bit-by-bit method and get their booking within zero time.

  • Visit the official site of Korean Airlines and tap on the Booking tab.
  • There, you can tap on the ‘Fly’ option to continue further.
  • Currently, before proceeding, it is basic to settle on the decision between the two options, for example, booking and rewards booking. Assuming that you want to buy the flight ticket in cash, then, at that time, choose the previous choice and use Miles and Focus, then, at that time, choose Last.
  • Choose the type of tour according to your inclination, for example, single-direction and round-trip. If you want to include the delay, click on Multi-City at that time.
  • Enter the name of your takeoff and appearance air terminal in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields.
  • Select tour dates in the Departure and Return Date fields.
  • In this progression, to be specific, add the full number of passengers in different regions – adult, child, and infant.
  • Choose a lodging class according to your pocket with the following options – Economy, Prestige, and First.
  • Currently, assuming you accept the adaptable itinerary to save on transportation costs, at that time, click on Advanced Search and if it is not, avoid this progression of Korean air reservations.
  • Upon submission of these details, click on the ‘Observe Flights’ fasten and be diverted to the last page where multiple flight arrangements will be accessible
  • From accessible flights, choose the preferred option that best meets your needs and travel prerequisites.
  • Enter the passenger data as required and note that it is mandatory to fill all the fields.
  • Once you have finished adding passenger details, now is the perfect opportunity to continue with the final installment for your flight ticket confirmation.

Booking via Korean Airlines Mobile App

Assuming that you do not have a PC or PC and are looking for a more technical option to book a flight appointment, at that point, download the Korean Airlines versatile application on your cell phone and finish your booking in no time. Booking through the carrier’s portable application is far simpler than any other accessible option. You will be happy to know that the Korean Airlines Portable application is free of cost and as such, one can without any stretch get the equivalent from the Google or Apple store. In addition, this application is completely loaded with an assortment of additional highlights, for example, booking flight tickets, tackling your excursions, counting things to follow, and much more.

How to contact the Korean Airlines customer service number?

Another way to book flight tickets is to dial out the Korean Airlines reservation number +1-844-630-2211 and feed them with the basic subtleties. Heads of carriers are constantly available to assist passengers. You can interface with them whenever you want to end your Korean Airlines reservation. They will guarantee that calls will generally not be left unanswered. Aircraft representatives will keep you refreshed with basic data identified with flights. Its excellent customer support is one of the key elements that has helped this carrier achieve the top position in the flight business segment. Along with flight reservations, passengers can also connect with the carrier’s customer support to seek help on various issues, for example, lost or postponed baggage, flight refreshes, arranging and receiving offers, seats, and dinner. determination and much more.

How to manage your Korean Airlines booking?

Dealing with your Korean Airlines reservation is definitely not a difficult undertaking and you can definitely do the same using the guidelines given below.

  • Visit the Korean Airlines authorization site.
  • Go to the accessible My Trip segment at the top of the landing page.
  • Enter the reservation number, takeoff and arrival airport, and last name, and first and middle name.
  • After adding data, tap the Search button to access your records.

This office allows you to appreciate many benefits, for example,

  • Change your current booking
  • Update your contact data
  • Choose your favorite dinners and drinks
  • Choose your ideal seat
  • End your booking

Korean Airlines Phone Number Details

Korean Airlines Reservations Number
Korean Air Customer Service Number+1-844-630-2211
Korean Air Baggage Helpline Number800-438-5000
Korean Air Cancellation Number800-438-5000
Korean Air Booking Number+1-844-630-2211
  1. Incheon International Airport
  2. Gimpo International Airport
SubsidiariesJin Air
Fleet size179
Parent companyHanjin Group
HeadquartersGonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
  1. Cho Won-tae (President & CEO)
  2. Cho Choong-hoon (Founder)

Korean Airlines Check-in Policy

Flight registration is an important strategy for getting your ticket, without which you will not be allowed to load on the flight. For the convenience of the passengers, Aircraft offers various registration options like web registration and air terminal registration and you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Web Check-in

Isn’t it amazing to assume that you get your ticket before you even arrive at the airport? Assuming that you have as much doubt, at that point, go for the internet-based registration method and get your ticket on your telephone. Registration times may vary for domestic and worldwide flights. The registration window opens 48 hours to 40 minutes before the planned takeoff for domestic flights and between 48 hours and 1 hour for worldwide flights.

Air terminal check-in

Is it true that you cannot register on the web? Don’t stress and go to the airport to pick up your ticket. All you really want is to get to the airport ahead of time to reduce long lines and deal with your Visa data to get your ticket easier.

Reference URL: https://www.koreanair.com/worldwide/en/offers-advancement/advancements Stoved Away/Web-VersatileRegistration/

Types of Korean Airlines Travel Classes

Korean Airlines is presented with three travel classes and travelers can choose the one that best fits their financial plan. These movement class options are intended to work with travelers from different backgrounds and are packed with wonderful conveniences that will make you feel at home with plenty of space, even on land. These classes are – Economy Class, First Class, and Prestige Class. We should get more familiar with these lodge classes.

Economy class

Need to appreciate proper extravagance while being noticeable all around? Assuming this is the case, then at that point, make a Korean Airlines reservation in economy class and get the biggest assistance from takeoff to attendance. The purpose of this class is to work with a spending plan so that they can appreciate top-tier consolation without draining their bank balance. Stacked with unusual features, this could be the ideal decision for class travelers, all things considered.

Esteem class

The most ideal option for deciding what follows is a Prestige class in which you can participate in a meditative all-around movement more than ever before. From comfy seats to customizable headrests to phenomenal feasts and everything in between, this class offers you the kind of comfort that keeps you loose during the excursions. This category is also divided into four additional options namely Prestige Suite, Prestige Sleeper, Prestige Plus, and Prestige B737 seats. You can make an appointment with any of these options and participate in more excursions than ever before.


Top of the line

Assuming that you want to participate in your excursion in the lap of comfort and extravagance, then, at that point, book your seats in Korean Airlines first class and have a better journey from takeoff to the airport of your trip. Take part in the experience. Objective. With an exceptional stylistic layout, warm atmosphere, the most extreme extravagance, and sensational conveniences, this movement class is everything you can imagine. Overall, what are you sitting tight for? Assuming you have enough cash to spend, at that point, finish your tickets in first-class and take part in an honor-winning encounter.

Korean Airlines baggage policy

Korean Airlines is good at offering the most amazing luggage strategy for travelers. Korean airlines are encouraged to go through the baggage strategy before making the reservation and collect their sacks similarly afterward.

Portable baggage allowance limit

The portable luggage stipend depends on the lodge class you are traveling in. Assuming that you are flying in Economy Class, at that point, you are allowed to carry 1 Lodge of heaviest weight up to 10 kg and if you are flying in First / Prestige Class, at that point in time, you can welcome two light things of the largest load of 18 kg. The widest aspect should be up to 115cm. Apart from hotel items, you can also bring a few more things like a PC, tote, and briefcase.

Actually seen baggage allowance

Checked Korean baggage dispatch depends on the course and lodge category you are traveling in. The carrier provides the baggage add-ons as indicated by which you can set up the checked items. You must enter some important data when calculating your checked baggage, for example, takeoff point, point of presence, lodge class, checked items count, and participation level. Note that this assembling machine is sufficient for Korean Air flights.

Korean Airlines Cancellation Guide

Crisis or change of plans? Try not to stress as Korean Airlines offers you a dedicated scratch-off approach that allows you to finish your appointments without facing any issues. You are encouraged to find out about agreements relating to aircraft cancellation strategy before proceeding.

  • The carrier allows you to do the dropping within 24 hours of booking and gives you a full discount for something similar. In any case, the flight ticket booked must be booked at least seven days prior to takeoff. Later after this time limit, you will be charged a crossing out the cost.
  • Passengers will get a simple discount, though this method is applicable only for refundable tickets. If you have purchased non-refundable tickets at the time of making the Korean air reservation, at that time, you will not receive anything as a result when you leave the flight ticket.
  • In case of tickets purchased using a credit or charge card, it will take seven working days to settle your discount and up to 20 working days assuming installment mode is money, check, or any other option.

Korean Air FAQ:

Q). Is it Safe to Go with a Korean Airline Reservation?

Career is one of the best specialist organizations around the world. With ample legroom, mouth-watering food, and a ready and courteous lodge group all around, the carrier leaves no reasonable excuse for you. You will have a truly amazing experience while traveling on Korean Air.

Q). Will I get free cover on my Korean Air flight?

Passengers will get free cushions and covers for their excursions for the rest of the night. Recalling the comfort of the sailors and providing assistance to improve their flying experience. Plus, you’ll also get a free water jug to stay hydrated.

Q). When will I be able to register for my Korean airline reservation?

Online registration begins 48 hours before your flight’s booked takeoff and 24 hours before for trips in the US and Canada. For air terminal registration details, call Korean Air’s helpline number.

Q). What is Korean Air’s portable things strategy?

Economy flyers are eligible to carry a light suitcase of 12 kg weight limit. In any case, First and Prestige class passengers cannot bring two packs heavier than 18 kg.

Gradually, the sacks are narrowed down to the breaking point of a size of 40 x 20 x 55 cm including haggles. In addition, travelers can also bring household items, such as a satchel, laptop case, coat, or cot, a little closer. Individual luggage and light weight suitcases should not be heavier than 12 kg.

Q). How many packs will I be able to register with Korean Air?

Checked items are limited to a straight size of 62 inches. Assuming you are shipping additional sacks, you should purchase consignment items using the airline’s site.

In any case, SKYPASS individuals may bring additional sacks to their Korean Air flights depending on their level of participation.

Q). How is the economy of Korean Air?

The lodge is equipped with individual entertainment screens and ergonomically planned seats depending on the type of airplane. You will get a shifted taste of heavenly Chinese, Japanese, Western and traditional Korean dinners. The Food Administration of Korean Air has been rated worldwide as one of the most amazing. A taste that you will always remember once you experience it.

Every passenger will get a convenience unit including a toothbrush set and shoes to pamper themselves. You can also request for Jagran Sahayata. The plane has temperament lights that you can customize for dozing, eating and reading, depending on your inclination.

Q). How is Korean Airlines Business Class?

Business class passengers can visit select registration counters for check-in to avoid long lines and airport clusters. When you arrive at the parlor, you can pamper yourself in the Grand Hyatt Incheon Inn’s sauna and shower at no extra cost.

Plus, you’ll experience real extravagance once you enter the business class lodge of Korean Airlines. Passengers will get free beverages at the plane’s Celestial Bar. You can really rise from your position and bring your ideal refreshment from the work area of Celestial Bar.

Business class passengers can participate in a single TV screen on long-haul flights. The plane will also give you a self-care facility unit that includes a toothbrush pack and eye covers. To keep your electrical devices full of charge, you can use the charging outlet attached to your seats.

Q). Does Korean Air have WiFi available locally?

The airline does not have WiFi administration on any of its travels at this time.

Q). Does Korean Air provide food?

Travelers can enjoy the unique taste of reliable Korean food on all Korean air flights. Choose your top choices from an assortment of sides, starters, pastries and theory courses. Infamous class explorers will be presented with a judging of Korean cuisine, for example, dongchimi noodles, crab in soy sauce, and bibimbap. Again, economy travelers will find a Korean gourmet cuisine with a choice of Western, Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

Q). Will I be able to arrange for unusual dietary requirements on Korean air flights?

You can request any unusual dinner approximately 24 hours prior to your booked takeoff time. You can do this by calling the helpline number of the Korean Airlines Reservation Office.



RegionTelephone NumberService LanguagesHours of Operation
Korea1588-2001, 02-2656-2001
  • Korean
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Korean, English: 24 hours
    (Domestic : 05:00 ~ 22:00, Korean Standard Time)
  • Japanese: 08:00~19:00
    (Japan Standard Time)
  • Chinese(Mandarin): 07:00~19:00
    (China Standard Time)
    Hong Kong(Cantonese): 09:00~18:00
    (Closed on weekends & public holiday)
  • French, German, Italian, Spanish:
    08:30~17:30 Weekdays
    (Central European Time)
Japan0088-21-2001 (Toll-free)
(06) 6264-3311
Hong Kong(Cantonese): +852-2366-2001
The Americas
  • US & Canada: 1-800-438-5000 (Toll-free)
    Assistance for customers with hearing and speech impairments
    1-888-898-5525 (Text Telephone, Toll-free)
  • Brazil: 0800-3176670 (Toll-free)
    Assistance for customers with hearing and speech impairments
    0800-7723645 (Text Telephone, Toll-free)
  • Others:+1-213-484-1900

(Toll free by country)

  • Austria:0800-296-789
  • Belgium:00800-0656-2001 / 0800-11662
  • Czech:800-142-543
  • Slovakia:0800-142-543
  • Denmark:00800-0656-2001 / 800-15555
  • Finland:00800-0656-2001
    France:00800-0656-2001 / 0800-916-000
  • Germany:00800-0656-2001
  • Greece:00800-353-12010
  • Hungary:06800-11342
  • Ireland:00800-0656-2001
  • Israel:180-945-2005
  • Luxembourg:00800-0656-2001
  • Netherlands:0800-022-2010
  • Norway:00800-0656-2001
  • Poland:00800-353-1246
  • Portugal:0800-853-014
  • Spain:900-973-533
  • Sweden:00800-0656-2001
  • Switzerland:00800-0656-2001 / 0800-557-344
  • Turkey:00800-353-90008
  • U.K:00800-0656-2001 / 0800-413-000

 Where toll free is not available: +33-1-5345-3177

  • Korean
  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
08:30~17:30 Weekdays
(Central European Time)
OthersContact UsDepends on region and branch.Depends on region and branch.

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